The uses for our industrial minerals are endless

At The National Lime and Stone Company, we have an impressive history of developing applications for stone-based industrial minerals. National pioneered the development of dolomite stone products used in glassmaking, and we are now the largest supplier of glass-batch dolomite in the United States.

We also furnish premium-quality dried dolomite and calcium limestone for the production of steel, asphalt roofing, automotive components, fertilizers, pesticides, and soil amendments to name just a few.

Well-established operational, maintenance, safety, environmental, quality, and customer service programs enable National Lime and Stone to supply raw materials for all kinds of industrial processes year round. In fact, many of our customers rely on us as their sole supplier of dried dolomite and calcium limestone raw materials.

Our state-of-the-art laboratory employs statistical methods to assure product properties consistently exceed our customers' precise expectations. Our dolomite and calcium limestone reserve deposits are also rigorously evaluated to assure chemically consistent products for decades to come.

This level of cutting-edge expertise allows us to provide consistent, quality products today while innovating new applications that will help our customers tomorrow.