You can rely on our asphalt mixes and roadbuilding services to complete your project

With a knowledgeable staff, The Lash Companies are focused on providing superior craftsmanship and high quality products to service state departments of transportation, as well as oil and gas, commercial and residential customers.

Lash Paving was started in 1978 by David P. Lash, Jr. and was acquired by National Lime and Stone in 2014.  For over 35 years Lash Paving has served as an asphalt producer and paving contractor for state departments of transportation in the upper Ohio Valley, and commercial and residential paving projects.  National Lime and Stone’s Lash subsidiaries (The Lash Paving Company, The Lash Asphalt Materials Company and The Lash Transport Company) have a range of capabilities, including river aggregate transfer, asphalt production, roadbuilding and trucking.

The Lash Paving Company, The Lash Asphalt Materials Company, The Lash Transport Company and The National Lime and Stone Company are legally separate and independent entities.  Each of them is responsible and liable only for its own products, services, acts and omissions, and not for those of the others.